Josh Landmann – British Paratriathlete

The human body is capable of achieving so much if we give it the right fuel and put in the hours of training. But another driving factor to consider along the journey to success isn’t something you can physically put a measure on – it’s actually the kind of mind-set you have, and how that can help to push your progress.

Josh Landmann is no stranger to this – he’s a prime example of exactly how far a positive outlook can take you.

Josh had always been a keen sportsman throughout his early life, he played hockey for Lancashire, enjoyed cricket and rugby, and swam for school teams. Soon after turning twenty however, he had an accident whilst on holiday which fractured his neck and left him paralysed from just below his chest.

What he’s gone on to achieve since this injury, is a true inspiration to us all.

We are delighted to be partnering with Josh to support his journey to becoming a British Cycling Paratriathlete. To see Josh’s full story watch the video here.

See some of the products Josh is using for his journey to the 2020 Olympics here.

Levi Tarbotton

11th Sep 2018

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