The Story So Far

Products that look good, perform good and do good for the environment. Is that such a big ask?

The brand SLEEK began in 2017, when partners Emma Tapper and Scott Rudd teamed up in creating and developing the most powerful, planet friendly cleaning product out there.

Once the perfect recipe was designed, the products was initially tested by both Emma and Scott. Once passing the initial inspections all products was then sent to Manufacturers and Valeters for further examination, the reason for all of this analysis was to really make sure that all of our products was really as eco-friendly as we initially designed them to be.

All SLEEK products undergo the exact same development process, from the initial idea all the way to the finished product. Our philosophy is clear – nothing leaves our soap factory until it has been tested by our team of in house sailors and professionals that we work with. Only then can we guarantee that our customers are getting the very best cleaning and maintenance product.

As we began to grow we added a Sales and marketing team to really fill out our potential, whilst also creating a whole new distribution centre. These new additions to the business has really been able to give us the resources to really grow and dominate the BOAT,BIKE AND MOTORHOME industry Globally!

The Team